We offer our customers an individual approach where you can be sure of reliable supplies that take account of your specific conditions and requirements.

Almost 90% of the electricity supplied was generated without CO2 emissions.

We can provide bundled supply services or electric power alone for all categories of customers at all voltage levels, including very high voltage (VHV), high voltage (HV) and low voltage (LV), with the option to take on liability for imbalances.

We offer the possibility of transnational cooperation in the Czech, Slovak and Polish markets.

We offer the following product lines and combinations:

With this product line, you can fix the price of electricity in single or dual tariff variants and pay in CZK or EUR. The product is intended for customers at voltage levels VHV, HV and LV.

It makes it possible to plan an efficient cost distribution for energy covering the whole supply period with high accuracy.

This product line enables our customers to determine the volume of supplies in a series of gradual purchase steps. The product is intended for customers at voltage levels VHV and HV.

The added value of this product is the distribution of purchases over time. The approach is recommended for partners making purchases in larger volumes. Such clients can take an active part in determining their own electricity prices and thus manage the potential risk of one-time purchases of large volumes of electricity when there are unfavourable conditions on the PXE power exchange.

This product line offers customers an alternative way to purchase electricity on the PXE exchange. The product is intended for customers at voltage levels VHV and HV.

It enables clients to copy current market conditions in respect of hourly prices as evaluated and published by the market operator, OTE, a.s. It is thus an entirely transparent solution.

The benefits of the product include the elimination of risks associated with hedging long-term purchases.

We will gladly present further information on electricity purchases in person. Tell us what is your consumption and we will get in touch with you.

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