Natural gas

Natural gas

All price quotations for natural gas supplies are prepared individually – based on the character of purchases and the customer’s consumption.

We focus on customers with at least 30 MWh annual consumption, while supplying both household clients and companies that use natural gas for heating and technical purposes.

We can provide bundled supply services or natural gas supplies individually.


We offer the following product lines:

This product line guarantees one gas price for the whole supply period and volume.

  • It enables customers to plan energy costs with high accuracy a whole year in advance.
  • The fixed price for supply services includes the price of the commodity, transport, structuring and provision of trade services.
  • Invoices can be in CZK or EUR.

This product is offered to all customers with a fixed price for the full supply period reflecting the character of the customer’s consumption and current prices in the gas market at the moment of purchase. Its advantage is that the price of natural gas can be calculated for the whole supply period in advance.

This product is intended for large and medium consumers and permits the risk of natural gas purchases to be distributed over time.

  • The product line offers customers the possibility to purchase the supplied volume in stages where the price of the purchased product is based on the price on the EEX energy exchange in the NCG hub.
  • Clients can choose products based on Year, Quarter or Month Futures.
  • The resulting price is the weighted average of the prices of each purchasing step.

The added value of this product is the distribution of purchases over time. Such clients can take an active part in determining their own gas prices and thus manage the potential risk of one-time purchases of large volumes of gas when there are unfavourable conditions on the NCG exchange.

We will gladly present further information on natural gas purchases in person. Tell us what is your consumption and we will get in touch with you.

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