Our offer of energy efficiecy solutions

Inteligentní LED svítidla

Optimisation of distribution values

Why pay for something that you don’t use?

Electricity distribution makes up around 50% or more of total electricity costs.

Customers can achieve cost savings by correctly setting parameters between them and the distribution system

Most natural gas customers can make savings.

These measures usually involve minimal costs or require no investment at all and therefore they can achieve returns extremely quickly.

Installation of transformer stations

Do you want to avoid future electricity cost increases?

  • You are connected to HV, but the distributor says that you need to transfer to LV distribution rates because you do not have a “False B” transformer. We can make a comprehensive assessment of the situation and propose a satisfactory solution.
  • Are you connected to on the LV level, but your current regulated costs are too high? We will assess whether you have large enough consumption to transfer to a higher voltage level and propose an optimal solution.

Both variants can be implemented without using your own funds because we can finance the whole implementation!

Monitoring and regulation of the 15-minute maximum.

  • The product is intended for customers connected to HV and VHV systems.

The purpose of using 15-minute maximum demand control is to eliminate power spikes and reductions in reserved capacity in order to achieve lower monthly distribution charges. Peak reduction works automatically without any restrictions on production and can achieve considerable financial savings in electricity costs.

Reactive power compensation

  • The product is intended for customers connected to HV and VHV systems.

The right compensation equipment can save electricity costs. Power factor correction reduces consumption of inductive reactive power and increases the potential for active power transmission. With badly configured correction increases losses and the customer pays a surcharge to the operator of the distribution system.

Legal advice: Concentrate on your business and let us worry about energy legislation!

Energy law experiences continuous and very rapid change. Just the primary legislation – the Energy Act – which was first passed in 2000, has now been amended 23 times. There have naturally been many amendments in related acts and implementing decrees. There are also pricing decisions that are updated at least once a year. 

Teplo a chlazení

Heat and cooling

  • Modernisation of production resources
  • Design of a heating concept reflecting the thermal insulation of the building and production equipment that the customer operates
  • Use of waste heat
  • Use of reduction principles 

Compressed air

  • Modernisation of production resources
  • Maximal use of output energy for production
  • Effective production management
  • Possibilities for heat recovery
  • Improvement in the quality of the supplied commodity.

Exteriérové osvetlenie

Interior and exterior lighting

  • Studies and proposals for a lighting concept
  • Passports for the lighting system
  • Turnkey reconstruction or renovation of lighting – including planning, design work and implementation
  • Modernisation of lighting resources
  • Control systems
  • Service, maintenance and monitoring
  • Delegation of lighting management

Thermal imaging measurements

Our professionals use modern thermal imaging cameras to detect impedance in electrical systems, thermal loss from the building shell, damage to the insulation of heating pipes, steam pipes etc.

Battery systems

These act as back-up power supplies for unplanned short-term power cuts lasting in the range of milliseconds or seconds, allowing the gradual shutdown of production with minimal losses or no need to halt production at all. Their extremely high acquisition costs mean that they are used only at critical points where potential losses in the event of a power cut are largest.