Since March 2010, Slovenské elektrárne operates two photovoltaic power plants:

  • Mochovce photovoltaic power plant
  • Vojany photovoltaic power plant

The 5.19 mil. euros investment now generates nearly 1,000 MWh of electricity annually. The plants have an important position in the company's portfolio, in particular for their contribution to the environment - each plant saves approximately 1,200 – 1,300 tons of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) annualy, an amount that would otherwise be released if similar volume of electricity was generated in coal-fired power plants.

Construction of the Sloveské elektrárne's first own photovoltaic power plants was based on its experience with designing and installation of the island photovoltaic systems for Slovak mountain chalets located in the High Tatra mountain (island systems are those not connected to the power grid). In 2008-2009, the pilot project was the island photovoltaic system for Tery's Chalet, the highest full-year service chalet in Slovakia.