Our portfolio

The portfolio of Slovenské elektrárne

Since its establishment, the organisational unit has been an active player in the now fully open electricity market and has offered an alternative to established suppliers and promoted competition in Czech commodity markets.

We are now one of the largest alternative suppliers of energy in the Czech market.

For all eligible customer categories on the high voltage (HV) and low voltage (LV) levels, including households, we offer bundled electricity supply services or just electricity supplies.

We carry out all activities for changing supplier free of charge and can act as the customer’s intermediary, under authorisation, to manage relations with the distributor as they require.

Commodity prices are fixed for the full duration of the contract, which is beneficial for customers who like to know their how much they will be spending on electricity.

To satisfy customer requirements, we also offer gradual purchase of the full volume of electricity in stages where the price of the delivered electricity is based on exchange prices. This approach is recommended for larger customers who are active participants in setting the price of electricity and eliminates the risk of purchasing a large volume of electricity at a moment when there is a high price on the Energy exchange in Prague (PXE).


We use every opportunity to reduce costs for our customers; we provide advice on the continuous changes in energy legislation; we also offer optimisation of distribution costs, thermal imaging measurements, back-up power supplies etc. In all our activities we follow an individual approach to the customer, who is always our first priority. Our business activities are governed by the Code of Ethics of Slovenské elektrárne, a.s.

In 2016 we broadened our portfolio of services to include the supply of another commodity, natural gas, for all customer categories and began to operate as a company Slovenské elektrárne Česká republika, s.r.o.